What Fields do we service?

Life Science


We work mostly with pharma samples, and are well familiar with the procedures as well as the need of a quick turnaround time. We have experience of drug material characterizations of proteins, antibodies, peptides, polypeptides, lipoproteins, biopolymers etc. – the list is long and growing. The most common topic is aggregation, with everything from solving purification issues to verifying absence of aggregates in a formulation (using several orthogonal techniques to meet FDA requirements for protein-based drugs).

We usually suggest the technique AF4, as this is our best characterization tool for aggregates (or for complex or challenging materials) since it is a mild technique, allowing us to understand the properties and behavior in preferred solutions. We know that a lot of companies would benefit of choosing AF4 as the characterization method for their materials or formulations.


Biotechnology is increasingly used for producing compounds that previously was made synthetically. We know that it is necessary to characterize the products during fermentation process development and optimization. If your process are to produce macromolecules or you are concerned about macromolecular components – let us know and we will be happy to help you.



We know that nano is a big thing (despite the size). We are focusing a lot on characterization of nanoparticles, often polydisperse or challenging. SOLVE is partner in the European FP7 program NanoMag with the goal to standardize the analysis methods of magnetic nanoparticles.

Our DLS measurements quickly provide fundamental size information while the technique AF4 separates the sample according to size, giving detailed information on the physicochemical properties. Send your samples to us and we will give you information on size, molar mass, shape, coating (mass) etc. across the entire sample distribution from single nanoparticles to any large micron-sized aggregates.

Material Science

We have experience of working with the size analysis of polymeric materials of a wide range, from natural compounds (such as polysaccharides and gums), to semi-synthetic (such as modified celluloses and starches) and fully synthetic compounds (such as polystyrenes and polyacrylamides). We know that not all processes yield perfectly uniform sizes and that gels or particulates are a concern. Depending on application, we usually apply the techniques SEC or AF4 together with light scattering for these characterizations.

Food Technology

Ingredient functionality

Did you know that most of us at SOLVE have a master degree and a PhD degree within food technology and nutrition? We have really long experience in projects concerning ingredient functionality as well as characterization of different food ingredients.

Product development

We are part of several food research and product development projects. For example, we feel really responsible for Oatly’s popular product iKaffe! The choice is yours, we can either conduct studies for innovative technologies at our own research facility or consult on site. Give us a call if you want to talk food – it’s a passion for us.

What service do we Focus on?

Analytical services

Contract analysis

We perform customized contract analysis services where we work together to identify and use only the equipment you need and the flexibility to determine the direction of the study. The SOLVE laboratory is set up with specialized, state-of-the art characterization instrumentations and detection systems to provide world class solutions.

GLP studies

We are preparing for GLP certification during this year. However, we already now offer analyses in a nearly GLP-implemented environment together with our external QA audit.

Aggregation studies

A major concern in manufacturing protein biopharmaceuticals is their propensity to form aggregates. Regulatory agencies, such as FDA, now require data from orthogonal aggregation assessment methods, such as AF4 and AUC, to help assess the conventional SEC methods.


In-house consultation

Tap into our expertise whenever and however you need. We will gladly provide consultation and conduct studies for innovative technologies from our own modern research facility. We have a wide experience of material science and material understanding, food/functional food science and product development, emulsions and foams, synthetic polymers and biopolymers etc.

On-site consultation

We also send our scientists to consult or perform studies on-site. SOLVE always seeks to build highly productive and long term relationships with our customers.

Work Flow at SOLVE

Step 1

Project development consultation

Project development consultation

Time to get to know the team at SOLVE as we will design a customized and comprehensive analytical approach to meet your specific goals and targets. All ideas are discussed and evaluated to find the perfect fit. A scientist at SOLVE will be assigned to your project at this stage and will work closely with you throughout the entire process.

Step 2

Sample submission

Sample submission

When we have decided on the perfect plan, it is time to send your samples to us. They will be stored and handled according to your specification.

Step 3

Perform customized analysis

Perform customized analysis

This is were the good stuff happens. Your scientist will perform the analysis and give you periodic feedback about progress. But just like a date, this is a two-way conversation.

Step 4

Consultative reporting

Consultative reporting

This is your results. The sweetest part is that these are more than just numbers to you and to us. They are new knowledge! Your scientist will interpret your data, explain and elucidate the findings and of course respond to queries or questions.

Step 5

Knowledge implementation into work stream

Knowledge implementation into work stream

Let's make use of your analysis! Here we tie everything together by implementing the data and new knowledge to improve - or increase - or advance your companies vision.

What others have to say

We have collaborated with SOLVE for more than a year. I am very happy with SOLVE. The collaboration is productive and enjoyable. The team at SOLVE has deep knowledge and extensive experience in AF4. They have given tremendous amount of help in the progress of the collaboration projects. I would definitely recommend them to anybody who needs to outsource their AF4 analysis.
XuanScientist, Biotech/Biopharmaceutical industry
We are deeply impressed by the work delivered by SOLVE. For more than a year we have benefited from their devotion, their flexibility and their ability to focus on the end result. I especially recommend to use their skills in tasks that are shared between multiple divisions.
Anna-Carin BäckmanProgram and Research Manager, Food Industry