Our expertise at SOLVE lies in the analysis and characterization of materials at the nano- and microscale. With projects customized to meet your needs, we eliminate costs associated with owning, operating, and maintaining expensive specialized equipment. We are a highly qualified team of PhD level scientists located in Sweden and in the US, and are working with customers from all over the world.

We build our custom characterization strategies around state-of-the-art separation technologies such as field-flow fractionation, AF4, which allows us to determine properties – like size, molecular weight, shape – in relation to the performance of the material across the entire size distribution. AF4 has been listed as a preferred method for investigating protein aggregation by the FDA, emphasizing the desire for more comprehensive characterization strategies. The future increased demands for characterization of nanoparticles will require separation techniques such as AF4.

At SOLVE we address a wide range of materials challenges. We have helped to:
• Assess peptide and protein aggregation in protein therapeutics
• Improve production, processing and characterization of nanoparticles
• Improve the yield of recombinant proteins
• Tailor the production and properties of biopolymers for enhanced functionality
• Develop and formulate an emulsion-based commercially available product
• Characterize powders by comprehensive wet and dry particle analysis