The World’s Leading AF4 Contract Lab

SOLVE is a contract analytical lab, located in Sweden and the US, operating highly specialized instrumentation to help you gain knowledge about your materials. We are a qualified team of PhD level scientists and we provide the best analytical capabilities in our quality controlled lab as well as customized consultation services.

Field-flow fractionation – one of our core technologies

One of our core technologies – field-flow fractionation, AF4 – is a recommended method for small nanoparticles up to large polymers as well as fragile protein aggregates, and can be applied standalone or orthogonal to our other techniques.

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Our most requested techniques

The materials that we focus on


No one else has our kind of working range!

SOLVE works with products that you come across every day! It could be the milk in your coffee, the coating on your car, your daily medication, or your kids’ sunscreen.

We are getting recognition for our label-free methods

SOLVE’s recent method developments and our work with Big Pharma has again been acknowledged. This time in one of Sweden’s largest daily newspapers. We are once again getting recognition for our label-free methods to analyse interactions and aggregates in complex matrices such as blood and CSF without tampering with the samples. With these methods we…