The World’s Leading AF4 Contract Lab

SOLVE is a contract analytical lab, located in Sweden and the US, operating highly specialized instrumentation to help you gain knowledge about your materials. We are a qualified team of PhD level scientists and we provide the best analytical capabilities in our quality controlled lab as well as customized consultation services.

Field-flow fractionation – one of our core technologies

One of our core technologies – field-flow fractionation, AF4 – is a recommended method for small nanoparticles up to large polymers as well as fragile protein aggregates, and can be applied standalone or orthogonal to our other techniques.

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Our most requested techniques

The materials that we focus on


We’re taking our minisymposium to Stockholm on August 29th

We’re taking our well-attended minisymposium on Protein Formulation and Characterization to Stockholm and have invited new speakers from leading local pharmaceutical companies and Universities. Save the date; August 29th at KI Science Park in Solna. Overcome the challenges and explore the latest opportunities in advanced protein formulation and protein characterization. We are creating a forum…

SOLVE received grant from Sten K Johnsons foundation

SOLVE was one of the 57 fellows that received a grant from the Sten K Johnsons foundation in 2018 within the field of technology. Our grant will be used to study Scanian leguminous plant proteins. Grants 2018