We’re taking our minisymposium to Stockholm – save the date August 29th

We’re taking our well-attended minisymposium on Protein Formulation and Characterization to Stockholm and have invited new speakers from leading local pharmaceutical companies and Universities.
Save the date; August 29th at KI Science Park in Solna.

Overcome the challenges and explore the latest opportunities in advanced protein formulation and protein characterization. We are creating a forum for ideas, experiences and solutions to support the development and comprehension of new protein therapeutics. This is a joint event between Wyatt Technology Europe and SOLVE.

Date and Time: Wednesday, August 29th 2018, 09:30–14:30
Location: Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Solna, Sweden
Registration fee: €80 (€40 for SwedenBIO members and academia)

Look out for the agenda and more detailed information!
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