The idea to start a company centered on field-flow fractionation began to brew in a pub in Stockholm in the winter of 2012. Over a few pints of beer, and well into the night, we discussed the pressing need for companies to know as much as possible about the materials that they use in their products, the ever increasing complexity these materials must have to reliably perform their intended function, and how the importance of this information is amplified within emerging nanotechnologies across all types of industries. (What, did you expect a group of scientists in a pub to discuss their favorite beer and the pros and cons of making their own beer – well we discussed that also!)

In May 2012 SOLVE Research and Consultancy AB was launched by Lars Nilsson, Ray Runyon and Matilda Ulmius Storm to be able to provide clients with in-depth characterization of their complex, specialized materials. SOLVE is the only company in the Öresund region which centralizes field-flow fractionation in its approach to more complete material characterization.

SOLVE is located at SmiLe Incubator at Medicon Village in Lund. The city of Lund is centrally situated within the Öresund Region, a top five global biotechnology hotbed. This ideal location allows us access to world class technology and advanced analysis techniques to complement our core technology of field-flow fractionations. It also provides us a vantage point to easily collaborate with all types of clients across wide variety of industries.

The name SOLVE, which is spelled with ö in our logo, alludes to our desire to solve problems as well as our first geographical location at Lund University in Lund; Sölvegatan. Sölve is a personal name in Old Norse, spoken by the inhabitants in Scandinavia during the Viking Age. The most known Sölve in Lund was the son of Finn the Giant. Finn, according to the legends, built Lund Cathedral during the 1080s and then turned into stone together with his wife and son, Sölve, in the cathedral crypt.