SOLVE organizes an AF4 workshop at least once per year where AF4 users, but also customers and people interested in learning the technique, are welcome. With the workshop we would like to create a space for ideas, discussion, and learning.

The workshop has the objective to introduce AF4 as a technique for the analysis of materials such as polymers, biopolymers and nanoparticles. At the workshop, you will learn  AF4’s capabilities to separate, detect and characterize materials when coupled to detectors such as MALS, RI, UV, etc. We discuss how the data can explain the behavior of the material and how it can solve challenges in production and desired functionality. At the workshop we also discuss how the information can be complemented with other characterization techniques such as SEC, DLS, TEM, SAXS, among others.

To get more information about the workshop and when it will take place next time, please contact us via the form below.

Some opinions from our previous workshop:

A great workshop – anyone who is interested in learning about AF4 should attend

The workshop had a good balance between lectures, discussions and practical presentations