Polymers and polysaccharides are classes of huge use. Examples to illustrate the range is  from ingredients in controlled release formulations, to use in construction industry, and as packaging materials for food products. For many of the applications the size and molar mass of the polymer or polysaccharide impacts their performance. Therefore, to have knowledge and control of these parameters is important to have control of the function of the product.

At SOLVE we often work with everything from commonly used compounds to challenging polymers that are are difficult to work with commonly used techniques. A few examples of the type of information that be obtaiend are given below:

1) Size separation of a high molar mass dextran sample by AF4-MALS-RI.


3) Separation of a technical grade carboxy methyl cellulose (polyelectrolyte) sample by AF4-MALS-RI.

4) Conformation plot from the analysis of the CMC sample.