Step 1

Project development consultation

Time to get to know the team at SOLVE as we will design a customized and comprehensive analytical approach to meet your specific goals and targets. All ideas are discussed and evaluated to find the perfect fit. A scientist at SOLVE will be assigned to your project at this stage and will work closely with you throughout the entire process.

Step 2

Sample submission

When we have decided on the perfect plan, it is time to send your samples to us. They will be stored and handled according to your specification.

Step 3

Perform customized analysis

This is were the good stuff happens. Your scientist will perform the analysis and give you periodic feedback about progress. But just like a date, this is a two-way conversation.

Step 4

Consultative reporting

This is your results. The sweetest part is that these are more than just numbers to you and to us. They are new knowledge! Your scientist will interpret your data, explain and elucidate the findings and of course respond to queries or questions.

Step 5

Knowledge implementation into work stream

Let's make use of your analysis! Here we tie everything together by implementing the data and new knowledge to improve - or increase - or advance your companies vision.