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Great news for the AF4 community! An AF4 instrument was temporarily moved to the MAX IV Synchrotron for experiments couple of weeks ago!

“Analytical flow field-flow fractionation coupled to SAXS for analyzing complex solutions” was the name of the application sent by Hans Bolinsson and Lars Nilsson (Lund University) and Christopher Söderberg (RISE), to use the CoSAXS beamline at MAX IV (Lund, Sweden) for analysis of different proteins and nanoparticles in formulation and in blood plasma! The work…

SOLVE’s 10 year Anniversary!… and our new publication on AF4

SOLVE’s is celebrating its 10th Anniversary!… and at the same time we celebrate the publication of a new scientific paper about AF4: “Investigation of native and aggregated therapeutic proteins in human plasma with asymmetrical flow field‑flow fractionation and mass spectrometry” (click here to access the paper). An AF4 article in Forefront and open access. The main…