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SOLVE is a contract analytical lab helping customers all around the world with AF4-MALS, SEC-MALS, AUC and DLS analysis and method development. We provide customized consultation services performed by experienced scientists.


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AF4 Symposiums/Workshops

SOLVE organizes AF4 symposiums/workshops where AF4 users, customers and people interested in the techniques are welcome. SOLVE and Wyatt Technology are happy to invite you to the Wyatt User Meeting in Lund: Next Generation Strategies and Insights on Large Molecule Characterization Date and place? May 7-8, 2019 at Medicon Village in Lund  Who should attend? • First day: Scientists from…

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SOLVE works with products that you come across every day! It could be the milk in your coffee, the coating on your car, your daily medication, or your kids’ sunscreen.