SOLVE is part of Oatly’s foamable “iKaffe”

SOLVE worked closely with Oatly (a world leading developer and manufacturer of oat based products) to develop an oat drink which can maintain a stable froth. Oatly Foamable (or iKaffe, as it is called in Sweden) is a non-dairy alternative which can be used in lattes, dark brews as well as drinking it as it is. It was launched in fall 2014 in cafés across Sweden and is now available in grocery stores in Sweden as well as abroad.

SOLVE’s know-how and creativity was instrumental in the development of Oatly Foamable from idea to implementation. SOLVE developed innovative technology for foam and emulsion stability at its research facilities. This was seamlessly implemented for scale up at Oatly’s manufacturing site. All along the way SOLVE supported Oatly through project management, literature studies, patent applications and sensory evaluations.

Try Oatly Foamable yourself to get a taste of the success of working with SOLVE.