Therapeutic protein seminar in February

Sebastian will present at the seminar Therapeutic proteins, hosted by the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity if you are in Stockholm in the beginning of February!

The main purpose of the symposium is to review the state of the art of analytical tools and formulation concepts as applied to therapeutic proteins, and to highlight the needs of new innovative solutions for remaining problems. The symposium will be of interest to people working with research and development of therapeutic proteins in the Academia, Industry and Government authorities.

Day 1: February 5, 09.30 hrs with registration

Session 1: Novel techniques and methods for therapeutic proteins
Koen Sandra, Research Institute for Chromatography, Belgium
Sebastian Hansson, Solve, Sweden
Stefan Ulvenlund, Enza Biotech AB, Sweden
Session 2: Purity determinations
Margareta Ramström, Medical Product Agency, Sweden
Christian Neusüss, University of Aalen, Germany
Session 3: Registration aspects
Mats Welin, Medical Product Agency, Sweden
Session 4: Biophysical characterization
Torgny Fornstedt, Karlstad University, Sweden
Natalia Markova, Microcal, Malvern Instruments Ltd, Sweden

Symposium dinner

Day 2: February 6, 08.30 hrs

Session 5: Biosimilars
Alain Beck, Centre d’Immunologie Pierre Fabre (CIPF), France
Session 6: Stability and aggregation studies
Christine Lagerquist Hägglund, Sobi, Sweden
Helen Sjögren, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Denmark
Jonas Fransson, Sobi, Sweden
Ulla Elofsson, Research Institutes of Sweden – RISE
Anna Millqvist Fureby, NextBioForm, Research Institutes of Sweden – RISE