AF4-UV-SAXS on-line coupling for protein analysis. A work part of NextBioForm

The results of on-line coupling SAXS to AF4 are published (open access)! An article for the AF4 community to celebrate and for everybody interested in protein characterization! Congratulations Hans Bolinsson, Christopher Söderberg, Fátima Herranz-Trillo, Marie Wahlgren and Lars Nilsson for the great work.
From the article: “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time AF4 is successfully coupled to a synchrotron for on-line measurements on proteins. This coupling has potentially high impact, as it opens the possibility to characterize individual constituents of sensitive and/or complex samples, not suited for separation using other techniques, and for low electron density samples where high X-ray flux is required, e.g., biomolecules and biologics.”

The work is part of the Nextbioform Centre for Formulation and Processing of Biologics.

You can find the article here.