The collaboration with SOLVE combined with their scientific expertise in the AF4 field really helped us to gain fundamental understanding of our molecule’s properties and to make our project move forward.

Christoph Schmidt Assoc VP Early Stage Development, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

SOLVE and their AF4 have proven with insightful discussions and great experimental data to be a very valuable resource for the characterization of our vaccine formulation. Thanks for the help!

Anders Lilja Hookipa Biotech

We have collaborated with SOLVE for more than a year. I am very happy with SOLVE. The collaboration is productive and enjoyable. The team at SOLVE has deep knowledge and extensive experience in AF4. They have given tremendous amount of help in the progress of the collaboration projects. I would definitely recommend them to anybody who needs to outsource their AF4 analysis.

Xuan Scientist, Biotech/Biopharmaceutical industry

We are deeply impressed by the work delivered by SOLVE. For more than a year we have benefited from their devotion, their flexibility and their ability to focus on the end result. I especially recommend to use their skills in tasks that are shared between multiple divisions.

Anna-Carin Bäckman Program and Research Manager, Food Industry

The sizing of our particulates is crucial for the final product and SOLVE helped us reach the insight needed.

Nina Meinander TrioMed