Formulation of drug products is important to obtain a stable, tolerable, and safe pharmaceutical product.  SOLVE works with formulation during all stages of the development process, both early discovery and during process optimization, and later during quality control, before toxicological and clinical testing.

Much of our work in the field of formulation is focused on the analysis and characterization for the purpose of determining aggregation, degradation, and interactions. We work with a variety of sample types, from peptides, proteins, antibodies, to viruses, nanoparticles, and other carriers of API. We also have experience on analyzing and characterizing excipients.

Depending on the development stage, number of samples, analysis required, and question at hand, different techniques may be the most appropriate. At SOLVE we are particularly specialized on the use of techniques such as DLS, SEC-MALS, AF4-MALS, and AUC. We also offer a wide range of complimentary techniques, either in-house or through cooperation with partnering companies.