Step 1

Contact our team

Tell us about the sample type and analysis you need help with

Step 2

Discussion of the project

Requirements, goals, limits, and timelines.

Step 3

Presentation of a study plan

Draft, revised, and final agreed version.

Step 4


Based on the study plan.

Step 5

Sample shipment

Step 6

Performing the study

It may involve updates, milestones, and go/no go decision points, depending on the project

Step 7

Data evaluation

Step 8

Report of results

Step 9

Telephone meeting

Discussion of results

For standard tests, where methods are already in place, samples can simply be submitted to us.
Certain types of research projects may be very open-ended and speculative, thereby the study can be difficult to plan and the outcome not easily foreseeable. For these type of projects we recommend to have a very close cooperation with regular meetings and updates as the project runs.